As business owners, we often get caught up in the many shiny objects that are ever present before us.  Whether it be the latest coaching program or software that promises to make our business run smoother, we jump from item to item never really sure what we actually NEED. The truth sometimes may be that we don’t actually need any of it.

As a new business owner, I attempted to implement all the shiny objects that came before me: software, shopping carts, etc.  Many times, however, I wasn’t sure what I was implementing or how the newest object fit into my business.  I would quickly feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  If I had been given the opportunity to learn business basics step by step, I would have jumped on it.  Knowing the basics and the order in which they should be implemented into a business would have saved me a ton of time and heartache.

This is why I am urging you to learn and understand the business basics before you purchase or opt-in to the many offers that are being shoved your way on a daily basis.  Before you set up a shopping cart, create a newsletter or a free offer, be sure that you understand the very basics of your business.


The basics that are extremely important to whether your business will sink or swim include:

Understanding these topics of business basics will put you on a path to business success.  In most cases, if you don’t know these basic things about your business and cannot define them for your business, then you will likely have a hard time even doing business.

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