Creating an online business or bringing your existing business or author and speaking platform online in today’s day and time is actually quite simple.  Yes, it will involve a ton of work. Yes, it will involve some investments from you both monetarily and timewise, but it can be done fairly easily.  If I had known 10 years ago when I was starting out all that I know now, I would have done things so much differently.  Attempting to create my online business the same way that one might create a brick and mortar company, I went to the bank and took out a small loan. I purchased items for my “home office.” I bought business cards.  I’m sure you’re able to gather by my hint of sarcasm that none of these things were necessary.

First Steps for Bringing Your Business Online

Let me share a secret with you . . . I could have saved myself a ton of money and struggle, because honestly, if you know your target market (who you are wanting to reach) and what you’re going to promote (what book or service to sell them or what group of people you want to speak to publicly), then all you have to invest is around $20 to begin the online portion of your business.  Am I for real?  YES!

All you really needed to purchase is a domain name from GoDaddy for $14 tops.  A domain name or URL is the Also web hosting, which gives your website a place to “live” online, which you can pay $5 a month for through MomWebs. Their smallest package (the Mini plan)  is $15 per quarter, which comes out to $5 per month to host one site.

Remember when purchasing a domain name to purchase one that is rich in the keywords that you are wanting people to find you for in the search engines.  I also recommend not using hyphens in your domain name as they are harder to promote and for others to remember.

Once you have these two valuable pieces of “online” real estate you can start your business.  It really can be that simple.  Of course you will want a plan in place for marketing your business as well, but that’s a topic for another post.

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