Today I’m going to talk about batching content to share or repurpose. 

To begin, we’re going to define batching. Batching is grouping tasks together so you can do them all at once instead of switching between tasks. Your first question might be, “Why would you want to do that?” 


The reason is that it takes less time and less brain power to batch your content. I was doing a bit of research and found an article on, which is the project management system that I use. I absolutely love Asana and all that it stands for, and they did research through the University of California at Berkeley. They quoted a doctor of cognitive neuroscience, and the article says the human brain works best when it focuses on one thing at a time. We have a certain amount of cognitive capacity and a certain amount of attention.


If you’ve ever tried to “multitask,” then you know that multitasking is not the most beneficial and productive way to work. That is why I really enjoy batching tasks. 


Here are some of the tasks you might batch. One of those is something I’m attempting to do today. This is the second month that I have recorded or attempted to record all of the podcasts for the month on the same day. 


So I am batching my podcast. I really do enjoy doing it this way, and it helps because I have a theme for the month. I’ve done a theme of the month every month since early on in my podcast. I discovered early on that trying to come up with a new topic every week was difficult. 


So, I would sit down, create a theme, put together the ideas, and the episodes would build on each other and work together. I actually sit down and do all the research for the topics, and that’s batching. Then recording is part of batching.


If I’m creating graphics for myself or my clients, then I try to create the graphics at the same time. I know what’s going to go on the graphics; I create the content all at once and then go into Canva and create the graphics all at once. I have templates that I use for the graphics.  


So all of that can be put together at one time, and it really does help with your productivity and brain power. 


Another item I batch, and you can batch as well, is scheduling out your social media content. You can put together all of your content on a spreadsheet, and then you can schedule it out on each of the platforms.


Usually, there is a scheduling program you can use. I use Meta Business Suite and have all of my social media posts scheduled out.


If you are collecting data for research, I have a client I collect data for from stats on her different platforms. Then I put it all in a spreadsheet, and I batch that and complete it every week.


Let’s talk about the benefits of batching. 


The first benefit is that it saves you so much time. The idea of your brain and how it works best when it’s focused on one thing at a time It takes a lot of mental capacity to switch between tasks, which in turn increases the amount of time it takes to complete the tasks. Whereas if you’re batching the tasks all together at one time, you’re not having to use all that brain power switching between tasks. 


It also helps to decrease burnout. You don’t get burned out as fast as you would if you were multitasking between multiple tasks.


Finally, it minimizes distractions. If you’re able to focus on one task at a time, you don’t get as easily distracted as you would when you switch between multiple tasks in your business. 


I truly hope that you will try batching if you’ve never tried it before. 


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