Around a year ago, I was privileged to be able to learn a marketing system that I am now utilizing on the daily.  This system is known as Leverage to Scale. I am a Leverage to Scale Certified Virtual Professional. For the past year, I have implemented the Leverage to Scale marketing system for a handful of members.  This involves repurposing content, creating social media posts, and building out email campaigns.

The first time I helped a Leverage to Scale member with their marketing resulted in an increase of 327% in monthly website visits after 5 weeks of starting.

What is Leverage to Scale?

A highly optimized done-for-you content marketing training system.

“Simply plug in your team and they’ll quickly learn how to think and act like an advanced internet marketer to maximize your brand exposure, generate a consistent flow of warm leads, and nurture your audience to convert.” – Amber Villhauer, Owner and Lead Strategist for NGNG Enterprises and creator of the Leverage to Scale System.

I am a virtual assistant, meaning I implement the Leverage to Scale system for members.  Members purchase the training and give their team members (virtual assistant) access to their portal of the system.

Recently I was given the opportunity to interview one of our LTS members, the amazing Howie Kra, in a Facebook live about his experience with the LTS system.  Recently Howie increased his Instagram followers by 143% as a result of using Leverage to Scale for two months.

Watch my interview with Howie below:

Here is part of it . . .


Alyssa :

Today, my guest, Howie Kra, who is a member of Leverage to Scale is going to be sharing about his experience. But most importantly, he is going to be sharing his success and how he is doing with the system and how his show and community, which is HowieDoinIt that’s live every day on Facebook. Again, I’m Alyssa Avant, the certified virtual professional for the Leverage to Scale system and Howie is a Leverage to Scale member and he utilizes this system. I help him with implementation. I’m going to interview him today about his success. And first, we just want Howie to tell us a little bit about himself. Tell us a little bit about you Howie and your business.


Sure. So, my full-time day job is in the health and wellness industry, which is CBD, everything that you and I do is completely separated. And a number of months ago, well, it’s actually been, I’ve been planning for the last few years. I do some public speaking and I’m trying to get on a TED stage later this year. I met up with Amber and I explained to her that I wanted to start to do something to build a brand around myself and one thing led to another and I really was starting out with you and working on strictly my speaker bio. And then I took out my phone one morning at the beach as a result of watching somebody else do sunrise every morning. And I put the Facebook live on and slowly over a course of the next few days, especially with the help of my good friend Glenn Marks, or better known as Whitey, I was onto something.

And as soon as I felt like I was onto something that people wanted to hear my message, I reached back out to Amber who then told me all about Leverage to Scale. And I said that sounds awesome. Since I have a full-time job and since I’m really busy and although I’d like to build my brand, I need help and therefore we started to build the website and all the content with it. There’s no way that I could handle doing all of that, putting in 60 to 70 hours at my day job. So I enlisted Leverage to Scale to help me build the brand.

Alyssa :

Right, exactly. Awesome. So that’s all we’ve been doing. And now today was episode 88?

If you are interested in Leverage to Scale head on over here to find out more!

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