Today I will share with you a few of my favorite resources from this past year that have helped me in the area of setting and achieving my goals as well as a couple of other things that you can do to help you better set and achieve your goals.

What Will Help you to Set and Achieve Your Goals

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The three resources that I used this year to help me set my goals were:

  1.  The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran – I read this book early on in the year.  I’ll admit that I didn’t set my goals at the beginning of 2018 as I have in previous years.  I was a little late in the year as I struggled with setting my goals last year.  I learned a lot from reading this book. This book has changed the way that I set and track my goals, which is why I highly recommend this book.
  2. The second piece that I have or used this year is just a simple notebook.  I used this notebook to track and record my thoughts and quotes from the books I read this year, including Bible Based Business, The 12 Week Year and Launch by Jeff Walker.  All three were great books and great for business. I just simply recorded notes as I read along.  I am a nerd in this way and I tend to take notes especially if the book is nonfiction. Those are the types of books I read most often.  This has helped me along the way so much.  It helps you to read the book, stay focused on the book and as you read your notes later on you are able to apply what you’ve read to your goals and your life.
  3. Some place for you to track your goals for the year.  I will share more with you in the future about how you will not just track a yearly goal, but also to break down your goals and track them in an easier manner.  This is a concept that I learned in the book, The 12 Week Year, which encourages you to set goals based on every 12 weeks, rather than on the entire year or 52 weeks at once.  So, what you would do is you would set goals for a 12 week time period, then you would work on those goals for 12 weeks.  Then you would set a new set of goals for the next twelve weeks.Obviously, in this way you wouldn’t be looking at goals from a larger perspective such as I will set goals for the next 12 months, instead, you would look at it in a much smaller way, being that you would set goals for the next 12 weeks.  The 12 Week Year encourages you to do 3-5 goals max.  You would break those down into what Brian Moran calls tactics, or action steps that you would take in order to achieve those goals.Then you would track them and you would see, “Did you complete the tactics that you need to in order to achieve your goals during that twelve weeks.?” You would track it every week and you would determine what percentage of the tactics did you complete each week in a manner in which you could achieve your goals.  That is the basics of this book, but obviously, there is so much more to it.

Two Additional Things That I Believe will Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

These were the three resources that I used this year, but I also have two more things that I believe will help you to set and achieve your goals and those two things are a plan and accountability.  You want a written plan that you can refer to each day, which is why I say having a place to track your goals that are in proximity to where you work is important.

Finally, you will want to have accountability.  With the 12 Week Year concept, it encourages you to have a group of people which will hold you accountable.  I had a group of people that I did this with.  We called our group a WAM group, which stands for Weekly Accountability Meeting.  In our group, we would meet weekly to share what we were able to achieve, what we were able to improve upon and the percentage of tactics we were able to achieve each week.  This has set us up for success obviously because we knew that the others in the group would be waiting to hear our results. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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