On today’s episode we discuss the different types of content repurposing.  There are several different types that you should be aware of and make use of in your business.

Last week, we started our series on Content Repurposing. We talked about what content repurposing is and its benefits. This week, we’re going to talk about the types of content repurposing. I’m going to share with you 20 content repurposing ideas. This is by no means an exhaustive list. That would be difficult to create, but these are some ideas that you can incorporate in your business so that you can repurpose your content and save yourself some time.

Types of Content Repurposing

Here are the 20 simple types of content repurposing ideas I have to share with you. 


You start with one larger piece of content. For example, that could be a blog post. From that blog post, you can pull quotes to create social media image posts. Just a quote on a pretty image or background.

2. LinkedIn Post

You can use that blog post and turn it into a LinkedIn post. LinkedIn allows you to post blogs there, and it’s a great way to get traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Infographic

You can design an infographic from your blog post. Using Canva makes this easy to do, and you can then share that infographic on social media. I have seen so many infographics go viral, and you can get tons of traffic from this. 

4. Video Content

You can create video content from your written or audio content. 

5. Audio Content

Create audio content from your blog post. It can be something as simple as just reading the blog post. Sometimes people like to listen rather than read. 

6. E-book

You can convert a group of blog posts into an e-book. This is a great way to make a lead magnet. 

7. Blog Posts

Create blog posts from a podcast episode. This is literally my strategy every single time. This podcast will be turned into a blog post every single week.

8. Video snippets

Post a snippet of a long video to social media as a video clip or Reel.

9. Transcripts

Create text transcripts of your video content.

10. Embedded podcast episodes

Anytime you publish a podcast episode, embed it in a blog post. This could be a new post, as I said above, or you can add them to an existing, related post.

11. Testimonials

Use testimonials to create social media content. If you get testimonials from clients or readers, you can put those on a pretty graphic and share them on social media. It is a great way to get social proof and show others that your book’s worth reading or your coaching is worth purchasing. This is a great source of content. 

12. Statistics

Use statistics for your social media content. 

13. Carousel Post

Turn a blog post into a carousel post on Instagram. Carousel posts are amazing, and they can truly get people to stop and scroll through your Instagram posts. 

14. Roundup Post

This goes back to old school, back when blogs first started. Create a roundup post. Maybe you are wanting to share with your readers some specific topic, and you feel like you don’t have enough content, you can get content from other places and share a roundup. People really like it when you link to their stuff. So it’s a great way to help other people out as well. 

15. New Information

Update an old blog post with new information, and then republish. As we all know, if you are marketing on social media, if you are working online, things change tremendously and they change quickly. The way that you market on social media changes, the topics change, and you can always update the information and share it again. 

16. YouTube Video

Turn a webinar into a YouTube video. YouTube is great for search engines, and it’s a great way to get traffic. So if you’ve done a webinar for your audience, repurpose it and use it on your YouTube channel. You’ll be surprised at how well these will do, especially “how to” type videos. 

17. Pinterest Board

Create a Pinterest board from infographics. You can create a Pinterest board from your quotes also. Pinterest is another search engine that we often don’t think about as a search engine. 

18. Newsletters

Blog posts can be converted into newsletter content. I never use my blog posts or my podcast one time. It is repurposed and used in many places. 

19. Lead Magnet

Blog posts can be turned into lead magnets, like I shared earlier. You could use a group of blog posts and turn those into an ebook, but you could also do some other sort of lead magnet. Never underestimate the ability to repurpose content! 

20. More YouTube Videos

Turn a Facebook Live into a YouTube video. Once a month in my Facebook group, the Christian Business Advantage, I do a free training. That free training is almost always turned into a YouTube video for my channel, and you can watch it anytime.

This past month, I did a free training, and I am actually turning it into a paid product because it was so popular. It was how to record Instagram Reels. I told you those “how to” videos work really, really well. 

Why not try one of these ideas this week, and let me know how you’re doing with content repurposing?

Or, if you simply do not have the time, let me and the team at Alyssa Avant & Company help you repurpose the content that you have. It’s one of the services that we provide. So head on over to alyssaavantandcompany.com to find out more.

Types of Content Repurposing


I have a Facebook group for Christian authors, speakers, and coaches. It’s called The Christian Business Advantage, and each month I do a FREE training around the third Thursday of each month. Please come join our group, and you will learn tips and tricks for your business.

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