On today’s episode of The Christian Business Advantage Podcast I discuss tools to use for content repurposing. This is the third episode in our series on content repurposing. If you missed the other two episodes, you might want to go back and check those out.

Tools to Use for Content Repurposing

In episode one, I shared what it means to repurpose our content and why it’s a good idea. And in last week’s episode I gave you 20 different ways that you could repurpose content. Today, I’m sharing tools to use for content repurposing that help simplify and streamline your efforts.

My 5 Absolute Favorite Tools to Use for Content Repurposing

#1: A Transcription Service like Rev.com

The transcription service that I recommend is called rev.com. It charges $1/minute for audio and video transcription and an actual transcriber will work on your transcription and the accuracy is almost perfect.

Another thing that I have done for transcription is to outsource it to my intern or to a virtual assistant. Once I record these podcast episodes, my intern then transcribes them into a blog post each week.

You can find individuals who specialize in offering this service. Some charge by the minute of audio and some charge by the word count of the transcription. Rates vary from person-to-person but I do recommend rev.com for transcription service.

Using a transcription service or having someone do it for you is a great way to help you repurpose your content.

#2: A Graphic Design Tool like Canva.com

When converting blog posts into social media graphics, I highly recommend Canva. It’s a platform that helps non-graphic designers to create beautiful graphics. It has a wide variety of templates that make it easy. While, there is a FREE version, I highly recommend the paid version in order to use it to its highest potential. The paid version is only $12.99 a month. Follow this link to check out Canva.com.

#3 Storage for File Sharing and Storing, like Google Workspace

Google Workspace is amazing for documentation. You can share the drive with other people so if you have a virtual assistant that’s working on your content, they can place it in your workspace folder and you can review the work they’ve done. It’s free for up to so many gigabytes of space. But I use the paid version, which provides 2 Terabytes of space for $14.40 at the time of this recording, which is absolutely worth it. You can access it from any device. I love that I can work on my computer and still access my files on my phone, or iPad and I can share it with other people who can open it on any of their devices, wherever they are. I love Google Workspace so much that I’m an affiliate for them! Here’s my link to Google Workspace to check them out!

#4 A Good Video Editor like Wondershare Filmora

When you want to convert long form videos into short form like transforming a webinar or Facebook Live into Instagram reels, YouTube shorts or TikTok videos. I suggest using a tool like Wondershare Filmora  which is available for Windows.

A Mac user friend of mine recommended iMovie, which will do the job for free but a more sophisticated piece of software for Mac users is DaVinci Resolve. So these would be two options for Mac users to check out.

#5 An Audio Recorder and Editor like Audacity

I use Audacity to record my podcast episodes. It is an audio recorder and editor that is absolutely FREE to download. They do give you the option to contribute a little money if you’d like, but payment is not required to download.  It’s easy to set up and easy to learn but they also provide great tutorials to help you if you do struggle. I’ve used it for several years and it has been a game changer for me.

Tools for Content Repurposing

Thanks for following along in this content repurposing series. Join me again next week, when I’ll share how to avoid plagiarism when repurposing content.

If you have tons of content that could reach a wider audience through content repurposing but the whole thing sounds like more than you want to manage yourself, let me and the team at Alyssa Avant & Company help you repurpose the content that you have. It’s one of the services that we provide. So head on over to alyssaavantandcompany.com to find out more.


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