As a Christian Author, Speaker or Coach, do you wish that you had support in building and maintaining your online presence?

Are you an author who just wants to write?

Are you a speaker that just wants to spend time on the parts of your business that only you can do? 

Or maybe you are a coach who just wants to meet with your clients and not worry about the other monotonous tasks of running a business. 

The good news is there is hope. . . and HELP!

Hi! I am Alyssa Avant, the owner of Alyssa Avant and Company, where we seek to serve and support Christian Authors, Speakers, and Coaches. 

I know what it is like to be overwhelmed with building an online presence, including creating content, maintaining a social media presence,  and email marketing.

This is why myself and the team at Alyssa Avant and Company are here to help you build and maintain your online presence, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve just now realized you can’t do it all alone!

Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed?

In my complimentary 20-minute consultation, we will discover what your business needs to thrive!

Schedule your consultation and find out how an experienced Virtual Assistant who specializes in your industry can help you accelerate the growth of your business

I look forward to serving you!

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Recommend without Question

Alyssa puts her heart into her work to make it the best experience possible for her clients. She wants to "get things done", so you will not find her dragging her feet. She works best with clarity and clear directives. I would recommend her services without question, especially if you are looking for a place to start.

Tonya Wells


I have enjoyed working with Alyssa. She is thoughtful, efficient, and trustworthy. Her services have helped me create more space in my schedule for content creation.

Sarah Kootnz

Living by 

A Silent Partner

Working with Alyssa is like working with a silent partner. She does all the work and I end up looking like a pro! I value her insights and trust her knowledge on how to do things better and faster. She's a great addition to any team. And you should hire her if you want things done excellently.

Holly C. Williams

We Offer Support in Each of the Following Areas:

Content Creation & Repurposing

Social Media Management

Email Marketing 

The Virtual Assistant Advantage Podcast

The Virtual Assistant Advantage is the podcast for Christian Virtual Assistants and the ministry leaders, business owners and bloggers who hire them! Learn the tips, tricks and advantages of working together. 

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