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Today, I am answering the question that has come up multiple times in my sales funnel series, “Can you create a landing page or sales page in WordPress without additional tools or plugins?” The answer is: this may be possible, depending on what WordPress theme you currently have. In this video, I better explain how.

In order to see if you do have the capability in your WordPress theme to create a landing page using WordPress, you must log in to your Dashboard, create a page and scroll down to the section on the left of your screen called Page Attributes.

page attributes

You will hit the down arrow beside the Template option and see if the Landing page option is there.  If the option is there you will want to choose it and then save the draft. If the landing page option is not there you will NOT be able to create a page in WordPress without a plugin such as OptimizePress or a tool such as Clickfunnels.

page attitributes

Remember if you do not have a landing page template then your page will have the navigation or menu at the top of the page.  This is what you do not want on a landing page because you want your landing page to have one choice for people to make. That choice should be either to sign up for the offer if it is a landing page or to purchase the offer if it is a sales page.  This is called the Call to Action.  There should only be one call to action.

If the landing page option is there you will proceed with adding your text and information to the Visual tab of the page using the WYSISWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.  This area worked much like a program such as Microsoft Word.

If you have a form to add you will copy and paste the code from your email service provider such as ActiveCampaign and add it to the text tab in the editor.  After you have everything on your page that you want you will publish the page.

I walk you through these steps in today’s video if you are more of a visual learner.

In this video, I also mention the theme that I have that does have the landing page template as an option.  My theme is by Restored 316 Designs and is a Genesis Child theme, which means you will need the Genesis framework to use the theme.

My current theme Blossom is no longer available for sale, but there are many others that are similar that have the Landing page template.

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