Today we’re going to be talking about how you can promote yourself as an author, speaker, or coach via email. 

In recent posts, we’ve talked a lot about email.  We’ve discussed why you should have an email list, how to set it up, what type of program you should use, what should be included in a newsletter, and so on. You may even be asking yourself, Is this really going to help me? Is this going to help me get new readers, new speaking engagements, or even more clients if you’re a coach? This is where the promotion piece comes in. 

We’ve talked about a nurture sequence. A nurture sequence is so you can build a relationship with your email list and provides an opportunity for them to get to know you, like you, and trust you. But promotion does come into play at a certain point. If you don’t promote yourself, then you will not see results.  


So I’m going to give you four ways to promote yourself through your emails. 

Your Expertise

It is important that when creating your emails, you focus on your expertise. For example, if you’re an author who writes books about grief for people who have lost a child, Maybe through miscarriage, childhood illness, or an accident. Then this is what you should focus on in your emails in order to establish yourself as an expert. Yes, you can share personal stories; however, you shouldn’t be sharing things like recipes or time sharing tips. You want to focus on the loss of a child and grief. You can share articles, promote your books, or share tips on how to cope with the loss of a child or grief, but you don’t want to share information on a completely different subject area. Make sure you focus on what you’re good at. 


Empower Your Readers

You want to empower the people who are reading your emails. Someone asked me last week if I refer to the people on my email list as my subscribers or my readers. I try to say readers because I think subscribers sound a little less personal. You want to empower your readers. You want to do this by providing inspiration, motivation, or support. The great thing is that no matter what topic of expertise you cover, you can motivate, inspire, or support someone. That’s what people are looking for. The next way to promote yourself ties into this. 


Appeal to Your Readers Needs

What is it that your readers need from you, and why did they join your list in the first place? You want to use reader oriented language. When you are pitching them either to get on your email list or even once they are on your email list, you wouldn’t say, “Hey, I’m an author, a speaker, or a coach, and I write about, speak about, or share about x, y, and z. 

Please sign up for my newsletter or buy my book. You want to talk about them. Have you ever wanted to become a stay at home mom or a work at home mom? Are you struggling with anxiety about your child’s future? Do you wish you had a way to save money at the grocery store? I’m giving you examples of topics on which you may be an expert. So ask about their needs and talk about them. Do you want to have the body you’ve always wanted? Then sign up for the class I’m offering on weight loss. That is how you appeal to people, by getting to know their needs and what they are looking for. Then you are going to speak to that need. 


Offer Value

Focus on what you are good at and how you can help your readers, and then provide value in that area. You provide resources, advice, and support. You provide motivation and help by sharing what you know and what has worked for you in the past. This is what will help you as an author, speaker, or coach. No matter what you are trying to promote, you have to make it more about the reader and the people you are trying to help with their pain points. That is where the magic happens. When you are able to help someone else instead of promoting yourself, you’re helping them, and in turn, it does promote you and what you have to offer.

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