In today’s episode, I talk about Why a Virtual Assistant Needs a Lead Magnet.  First of all, let’s establish what is a lead magnet?  A lead magnet is something of value that you give away for free on your website in exchange for a person’s name and email address.  You can download my lead magnet of 20 Freebie / Lead Magnet ideas.


My lead magnet will give you ideas of what you can create as yours, but maybe you are still wondering why should I have one as a virtual assistant.  Here are the 4 reasons I share in today’s episode:

  1. To Establish Yourself as an Expert
  2. Build an Email List
  3. Spread the Word About Your Services
  4. It’s a good place for affiliate links (this helps create another income stream).

At the end of today’s episode, I share with you that I am speaking at the upcoming VAVirtuosos Summit. This event is put on by Tawyna Sutherland one of my oldest VA friends.

I am excited to be 1 of 20 Expert Speakers presenting at Season 19 of the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit #VAVS online conference. I’ll be teaching the attendees about 3 Proven Strategies for Finding Perfect Clients.  I hope you’ll find your way to join us and listen to my webinar.

Here’s my special coupon to get you in with a FREE SILVER Ticket: alyssaavant100
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