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Today we will continue our series on email marketing and the importance of email newsletters. I actually landed on this topic after speaking with one of my author clients last week. She was telling me how she recently attended a conference and was talking to a potential literary agent, and they were sharing with her the importance of email newsletters. She asked them to convince her of their importance. 


Here are the top three reasons you should have an email newsletter as a Christian author, speaker, or coach: 


A Place to Build Community


The first reason it is important for you to build an email newsletter is because it is the perfect place for you to build a community. Our goal is to build a community of people who are likely to buy from you or use your services. 


So if you’re an author, it would be selling a book; if you’re a speaker, it would be people who will book you for events; or if you’re a coach looking to sell your next program, Whatever your case may be, you need to have a group of people willing to purchase your products. 


You may be asking yourself, “What is the best way to do that?” One of the best ways is to use email marketing. 


You Can Own Your Email List


Reason number two is that you can own your email list. Email marketing is a rare form of community marketing that you don’t share with anyone else. When you are on Facebook, Google, or any other social media platform, you are sharing the stage with all of the other users of these platforms. 


Imagine that your audience is entirely on Instagram. If Instagram changes its algorithm or suspends your account, then you lose your audience. This doesn’t happen with email. With email, you own your list of  subscribers. This means you have direct access to your subscribers. This places you in the driver’s seat and gives you more control over your reach. 


It eliminates the guesswork of trying to determine where your potential clients or customers are hanging out because they are on your email list. This means you are less likely to waste your time promoting to the wrong audience. 


When you are using social media or other forms of online advertising, you hope the masses see your content, but you don’t always have control. Emails are great because they skip the algorithms and arrive right in the client’s inbox. It is so much better for you when you know you are spending time marketing to an audience you know wants to read or hear what you have to offer them. It is frustrating when you spend time working on great content but have no idea if it is reaching your ideal audience. 


You Can Speak Directly to Your Target Audience


The third reason creating an email newsletter is important is because you can speak directly to your target audience and address their pain points and needs. You are speaking to a captive audience because these are people who chose to sign up, be on your list, and receive information from you. This means they are more likely to open and read your emails. 


Creating a newsletter means you are spending your time wisely by working smarter, not harder. An email newsletter gives you the opportunity to share your heart and message with your consumers, clients, customers, or readers. 


Email newsletters are super easy to create, and they give you lasting power. However, there are a few things you need to have in place before you start your email marketing. If you read my last blog post, I talked about the pieces that you need to start email marketing. But this is a little bit different.  


3 Things You Must Have In Place 


When you start an email list, the first thing you need is an unsubscribe link in every single email. In most cases, this is included with your email service provider. For instance, if you’re using Active Campaign, that is normally a feature that is included. 


The second thing you should have is a landing page so people can sign up for your email list. 


The third thing you will need to have is a free offer that they will receive in exchange for signing up for your email list. These are the first steps you will want to take when starting your email marketing.


Ready to Get Started?


This post was an attempt to convince you of the importance of an email newsletter for authors, speakers, and coaches. I hope that I have convinced you to take the leap and start creating your email newsletter today. If you have questions or need help, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


An email newsletter is one of the easiest forms of email marketing. It works best when it is sent out at a specific frequency, such as once a week or once a month. Email newsletters usually have more text than images and contain information such as recent updates, new content you have created, promotions, or even recommended resources. 


Email newsletters are the best way to reach the largest number of people in your target audience. If you are ready to get started you can book a 20 Minute Free Consult with Alyssa. 


I have a Facebook group for Christian authors, speakers, and coaches. It’s called The Christian Business Advantage, and each month I do a FREE training around middle Wednesday each month. Please come join our group, and you will learn tips and tricks for your business. 

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you choose to purchase through one of my links at no additional cost to you

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