Today we are continuing our series on newsletters and email marketing tips with an episode entitled “Don’t Forget a Nurture Sequence.” So we are going to talk about how you can set up a nurture sequence to help you build relationships with your readers or subscribers. To help you build a high-quality mailing list, you need to nurture and build those relationships with your subscribers. This will make sure your ideal audience stays on your list, tells others about you, and buys from you. 

Some people will eventually unsubscribe. I have to be honest; you don’t want someone on your mailing list who doesn’t want to be there. So it is important that you realize that people will unsubscribe at times. 

Nurture your mailing list and build relationships to keep a steady stream of new subscribers and your loyal subscribers happy with tips and strategies. So the first message delivered to new subscribers will set the tone for your list. And it shows you appreciate and value them, and it also sets their expectations and begins a relationship with them. 

Begin by creating a welcome email with your audience’s needs in mind and explaining how being a subscriber to your email list will benefit them. Since 90% of your subscribers will open that first email, it’s the best chance you have to strengthen trust and build relationships. 

In your welcome email, congratulate them on taking the first step to learn more and make meaningful changes. You want them to know that you are behind them all the way, and you will help them achieve whatever it is they’re trying to achieve. You want to deliver the link to the download you promised. New subscribers don’t want a bunch of stuff before you give them access to the goods. Cut to the chase, provide the link towards the top of the page and again at the bottom. Always use a P.S. The freebie will help convince them to take other actions.

Then you will set the expectations. Your welcome email is a good place to mention the benefits of being on your list. Tell them approximately how often they will expect to receive emails from you and what types of emails they’ll get, and you can always sandwich most of the information you include between the link and calls to action. 

Don’t bombard new subscribers with too many emails at once. Instead, give them a day or two, then start a series of newbie emails that are spaced apart. Because you don’t want them to unsubscribe at the beginning. I space my emails apart in this way:

  • Welcome email: immediately with the opt-in freebie
  • Second email: 2 days later
  • Following emails: 7 days apart

I send a total of 7 emails. So they will get emails from me through the 32-day mark, but they are not 32 days in a row. They are spaced out. After that, they move to my newsletter list, and they begin receiving newsletters on a weekly basis. 

Let your personality shine in your emails. Be you! If you have a quirky sense of humor, let it show while still being professional. That’s the key to building relationships—to allow them to get to know you. They’ll be attracted to your site and join your list, and it’s because they see your personality. When you hide your personality, you may be unknowingly hiding something that would even attract more new subscribers. 

Then you always want to provide clear instructions. If you want them to take a survey so you can get to know them better, put that in your instructions. If you promised a freebie, explain where to go and how to get it. If you want them to join your online group, tell them where to go and how to join.

You can also promote other ways that they can connect with you. Tell them about the social media networks that you use. The social environment seems to be more informal, so you want to ask them to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, or join your group.

Always make your email contact simple. Don’t hide your contact information. You want people to reach out. When you’re easy to contact, your audience feels that you do care about them and that they are important. 

If you are struggling to create your lead magnet, your nurture sequence, or just get started building an email list, I wanted to take the time to share with you that I have an “All Things Email Marketing Done-for-You” service that will help you to create your lead magnet, start your email list, create your nurture sequence, and begin building those relationships. 

  • We work together on a 60-minute strategy call. 
  • You will receive my nurture sequence guide and templates. 
  • And I will do all the things that it takes to put that email list together, from start to finish.

If you are interested in this, I would like to invite you to go over to my Services page and look for the “All Things Email Marketing DFY” service to learn more.

Don't forget a nurture sequence


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