On this week’s episode of the Virtual Assistant Advantage Podcast we begin a 4 week series on the subject of email marketing.  Today we cover the three important reasons email marketing is effective.

3 Important Reasons Email Marketing is Effective

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During the month of April we will be focusing on email and email marketing to build your business.

How does relationship marketing work through email?

Whether we are utilizing Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform to grow our business we are using relationship marketing.  Email marketing is an essential piece of this.

Email marketing is, quite possibly, the most crucial of all of these.  You actually own your email list.  When you are building your social media presence, you do not own the platform which you are using. You are renting space so to speak.  At any point in time, for whatever reason, there is that chance that you will no longer be able to use that specific platform.  You “own” your email address meaning that you cannot be told that you can no longer use it.

In social media you have no control over who specifically sees your post, ad, etc whereas when you are using your email you know exactly who will be seeing  your content. This is why it is so important to creat and nurture an email marketing list.

When using email marketing it is no longer good enough or effective to send out generic information.  You must send information that will help you to build those relationships.

We, as humans, are all about relationships and, the most effective way to gain customers or clients is to be in the business of relationships.  People want to interact with and purchase from people that they have good relationships with.

3 Important Reasons Email Marketing is so Effective

Email marketing is still the single most effective marketing tool invented.  It isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  Think about it, how many emails do you get in your inbox daily or weekly from business big or small?

Email marketing is just as important (if not more important) for the small businesses as it is for the big corporations.

  1. Email addresses are special and personalized. When someone allows you to have their email address be grateful and use it wisely. Nowadays we have our emails on our phones, computers, tablets and we are able to read and reply to emails pretty much no matter where we are at any given time.  The more personal we are able to make our emails the better we will be.  You want to be as personal as possible.  You want to be personable and really get to know your audience.  It is a great way to nurture the relationship’s you have with your customers/clients.
  2. You can easily add value. When you have a targeted list you can add value to those people’s lives more easily. You can focus your information and are able to give them information that is targeted more specifically to them.  You need to know about what they are looking for so you are able to contour your emails to the content they would most benefit from.
  3. IT WORKS! The ROI on email can be as large as 4300% according to the DMA.  I don’t know about you but I like that percentage.  With that kind of ROI why wouldn’t you take that to heart and make certain you are building and utilizing your email list?!

Email marketing can be an extremely effective tool BUT for you to see the types of percentages listed above you must put the work in to know your audience and tailor your content to the things they need/want in order to keep them subscribed to your email list!

Email marketing is a great tool that will work for you if you put in the time and effort to make it work for you.  And the possibilities of how much you grow your email list and the ways you are able to grow your list are truly endless.

I pray this was helpful to you and I Would love to hear how you have your email working for you!


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3 im portant reasons email marketing is effective

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