We are going to continue discussing ways to allow your business to be less stressful. Today we are going to talk about three magical words that will alleviate business stress.

Picture yourself in a perfect world, with your perfect office and your perfect business. What is your role in that business? Do you have some team members, or are you still trying to do things all by yourself? Perfect worlds or goals are certainly worth aiming for, but if you’re still a solopreneur and you’re trying to do everything by yourself, it’s time to sit and learn the importance of these three words. Understanding and implementing these three little words can save you stress and help you grow your business. So what are these three little words?


Number one is automate. Plenty of admin tasks can be automated these days, which frees up time for you to focus on what you are good at and what makes you an income. You can automate monthly payments for recurring business expenses, set up labels and filters for your email inbox, collect customer data with forms on your website, create automatic responses you can use in your emails, and use an autoresponder for your email marketing. Be creative, but honestly, there is an app for everything now. 


Have you considered hiring someone—a team member or a virtual assistant? All of the automated tasks mentioned above can be created in record time by an experienced virtual assistant. This allows you to focus on what you’re good at and allows you to connect with your ideal customer or readers. You can hire someone to do your social media marketing, or you can upgrade your branding by hiring a professional. Delegate the tasks to experts who can troubleshoot problems and complete the tasks in half the time that it takes you. 

I have probably mentioned this before, but it is good to delegate and alleviate tasks that you are not good at or don’t enjoy doing. Don’t delegate your strong suit, delegate the things you are not good at. The biggest thing I chose to delegate in my business is bookkeeping. It is the very first thing I paid someone else to do for me, because I’m not good at it and I dislike it. Therefore, I delegated that task.  When you are thinking about what you could possibly delegate, think of those two things, what you are not good at and what you don’t like doing. 


Analyze your business, ask yourself if there is anything you are doing that isn’t worth your time, and eliminate it all together. Sometimes this is an older way of doing things, like manually doing your books. Just because you have done it that way for years doesn’t mean you can’t update the way you are doing it or eliminate it all together. 

Set aside time each quarter or at least every year to make sure the software and systems you are using in your business can’t be done in a better way that can save you time and money. Knowing how to automate, delegate, and eliminate is just the beginning of saving you a ton of stress, time, and even money. 

It is so important to spend some time thinking about these things. What can I automate, what can I delegate, and what can I eliminate in my business? These three magical words will help you discover where you can destress your business and where you can make it more enjoyable. It will allow you to create a business that you love, where you love to go into your office and open up your laptop, or whatever it may be, and make it enjoyable again. 

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