On this episode of the Christian Business Advantage Podcast, we’re continuing our series on using Artificial Intelligence to discuss the pros and cons of AI. Last week we focused on Chat GPT as a writing tool as we explored the question: Is AI good or bad?  I’d encourage you to go back and listen to that episode if you missed it.

The Pros and Cons of AI

The Pros and Cons of AI

After careful research, I found various thoughts and opinions on the pros and cons of AI so this isn’t coming from me. My favorite article on the topic was from The Zen Agency on The Pros and Cons of AI, which I found confirmed my own experience with it.

The Pros of AI

First let’s consider the pros of AI. The Zen Agency reported 4 major benefits of utilizing AI in your business as a writing tool.

1. Efficiency

Using Chat GPT or other similar program makes research and finding information very efficient because it is an AI powered tool that increases speed and accuracy of your efforts. This saves us time and energy that allows us to focus on other things that need our attention.

2. Grammar and Spell Checking

AI is a great tool to use for grammar and spell checking. It can detect grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and can offer real-time suggestions and corrections that make our writing better. In upcoming episodes I’ll cover AI tools and I’ll share one of my favorite tools for AI spelling and grammar checking.

3. Plagiarism Detection

AI is also a great tool for plagiarism detection. In the industry of writing, AI tools have sophisticated algorithms that can identify plagiarized content that can keep you from plagiarizing someone else’s content.

4. Higher Quality Content Creation

AI enhances our content. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. We might not know the best way to phrase something, we might have limited vocabulary, or not know the best sentence structure. AI can help us enhance the quality of our writing content. I have a client who is writing a series of emails to her launch team and while she’s perfectly capable of writing these emails, she put her email text into AI to make it better. We can use AI as a tool to improve our writing.

The Cons of AI

Now let’s transition to considering the cons or challenges that can come with using AI in your business. The Zen Agency reported various cons of using AI.

The Learning Curve

First, there is a learning curve when it comes to using AI. You have to train it to know your voice, your audience, and your tone. At first it can come out sounding like a robot. When I first starting using ChatGPT, I thought “this sounds nothing like me, it’s not going to resonate with my audience, they will be able to tell I used AI, it’s pulling from content and information that’s not valuable to me.” Just know that you have to take the time to train the algorithm of the tool to meet your needs. There was a learning curve in order to use it effectively.

Lacking Creativity

It can have a lack of creativity and can come across as dull. The content it provides seems to be for content sake and misses the mark of being unique and innovative. It’s just boring facts with no personality or intention. You have to train it to be unique.

Missing Human Context

Contextual understanding can be lacking because computers don’t understand human life, interaction, emotion, or culture. Sometimes we have to go back and edit it to add in those things. Humans can never be replaced. As a writer, trying to connect with your readers on a deeper level, AI cannot replace you.

Other cons:
  1. We can become dependent on the technology.
  2. The cost of AI can limit our accessibility to it.
  3. It takes time to identify the best tools to use for the cost

weighing the pros and cons of AI

Next week we’re going to dive further into some tips for using AI effectively and the following week, I’ll share some of my favorite tools. I hope you’re join us for those episodes. Thank you for following along in this series on AI.

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