On this episode of the Christian Business Advantage Podcast, we’re continuing our series on using Artificial Intelligence and I’m sharing my top tips for using AI. We opened this series discussing whether AI is good or bad, and followed that up with the pros and cons of AI. I’d encourage you to go back and listen to those episodes if you missed them.

Tips for Using AI

Tips for Using AI in Your Writing

Today I’m going to give you some useful tips for using AI as a writer, speaker, or coach. The fact is you will have a learning curve when it comes to using AI. Most of my experience is with ChatGPT and Descript.

These two tools do different things and next week on our final episode for this series, we’ll be talking about specific AI tools, their purposes, ways they can be used, and the goals that they can help you accomplish. ChatGPT is for writing and it’s the one I have the most experience with. For that reason, these tips are mainly for using that type of tool.

  1. Introduce Yourself

When you first get started using AI, have you have introduce yourself. Be prepared to give your AI tool some background. Tell it who you are, what your purpose is and who your audience or target market is. You need to give AI the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. It needs to know your goals.

  1. Create Outlines

Then, one of the first ways that I used AI, was to create an outline. Then you can flesh out the content for yourself. I did this to create blog posts, podcast episodes but you could use this for all kinds of things.

  1. Dress Up Your Writing

Then start with your own writing but use AI to spruce it up. I mentioned this in the previous episodes, but I had a client who wrote emails for her audience and she used ChatGPT to improve them.

  1. Move Your Writing Along

You can start with an introductory sentence and then you can have AI produce the next sentence or paragraph. Kind of like when we were back in elementary school and we wrote a story in class by having one person write the first sentence and then pass it to the next person to write the next sentence. But the person you’re passing it to is AI.

  1. Create from Scratch

You can have AI to generate content for you and then you tweak it to fit your style and tone. AI can even make topic recommendations when you’re struggling to think of something to write about. You can use AI prompts to get your started. I have this list that a client gave to me which is a link to 2,000+ ChatGPT prompts. I thought it was helpful so I want to share that link with you so you can check out those ChatPGT prompts here for yourself.

  1. Find Supporting Material

You can use it to enhance your content. How many times have you been writing and you needed a supporting quote, an illustration, or an example for what you’re talking about? AI is perfect for providing those things to make your writing stronger.

  1. Find a Course on Using AI

If you’re hesitant to get started, you can learn how to use ChatGPT through courses or workshops that are available online that help you build confidence and show you exactly how to most efficiently use it. I want to encourage you to look for those free resources.

  1. Have an Open Mind

The possibilities for using AI are endless. Be open to them. For example, you can use it for email marketing, website content, building online funnel, YouTube marketing, podcast marketing, to use on social media as a copyright assistant. You can use it for text marketing, for affiliate marketing, for general business, there’s so many uses that it’s mind boggling.

Also be open to trying other AI tools. You can use more than one and each AI tool is different and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Just because you don’t like one, doesn’t mean you won’t like them all. Search for ones you like to use. Obviously, there are paid and free tools which is the same as other things in life, you get what you pay for. The paid version are often so much better.

  1. Be Adventurous

Give yourself the opportunity to take your own writing skills and expertise, and combine that with an AI tool to provide your audience with even better content.

Don’t be afraid of using tools, it’s just like, we as women use the tools that we have to get things done around the house. The dishwasher makes washing dishes faster and easier. I haven’t hand washed a dish, except for maybe one or two when I needed it immediately, in a very long time. Think about AI as your dishwasher for writing. So you can get more done, be more efficient, and make it better.

Stay Connected

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Don’t forget to check in next week, when we’ll be talking about AI Tools! Thank you for following along in this series on artificial intelligence.

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