Today, we are talking about some podcast essentials. These are particular pieces, products, or services that you will need for creating a podcast. I wanted to mention that I am doing free training this month in my Facebook group on “Podcast First Steps.” In the training, I will walk you through the steps of utilizing these essential tools that you will need for your podcast. If you would like to attend that free training, you can join the Christian Business Advantage Facebook group by clicking the link here: The free training will be held live in the group on January 18th at 10 a.m. central time. There will also be a recording available afterwards if you are not able to attend the live training. 


Podcasting Essentials


The first piece you need for podcasting is a podcast host. This is the place where you will upload your podcast audio to be broadcast using different podcasting directories or podcasting apps. You upload it and then you can submit your podcast to these different directories. After you upload your podcast to a different host, it automatically puts it out to all of these different directories or apps like Spotify, Apple, I Heart Radio, Google Podcast, etc. There are three hosts that I use for myself or my clients.

The first one was formerly Anchor.FM, but it is now called Spotify Podcast. Some of my clients use this one. It has great hosting options. It is a great place to start because it is a free option.

I personally use the second one, which is BuzzSprout. I like some of the additional features that it has over and above Spotify Podcast. The third one is Libsyn.

The second piece that you will need for podcasting is some equipment. There are four different pieces of equipment needed to start a podcast. I am also going to recommend three resources for helping you choose the right equipment. It is really important to get equipment that is compatible with your other equipment. I actually bought my mic from a client who was doing a podcast and this mic was not compatible with her Mac computer. There are different types of microphones as well as recording software. In my training, I will be talking about some of these. If you are going to do a podcast where you are interviewing guests, you will need remote recording software in addition to the regular recording software. Remote recording software will allow you to record yourself and your guests at the same time. I am going to get more detailed information on these options and share it in my live training because I do not feel that I have the knowledge to help you as much as an expert.

The third piece that some people like to use—I do not currently use them—is a set of headphones. I personally have trouble with headphones, so I don’t like to use them. They are beneficial if you like to hear yourself while you are recording.

The last piece you will need for podcasting, and this one is essential, is a room with good sound. I still struggle with this. I know a lot of people who record in their closets because it has good acoustics and doesn’t make a lot of hollow noise. I recently got an office; it is a portable building in my backyard. It doesn’t have a lot in it, so I am struggling with the sound. I need to get some padding for my walls to improve the sound quality. Recording in a closet or small space helps to buffer the sound.

Hosting, equipment, and a room with solid sound are essentials for podcasting. 



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