Today we are going to be talking about podcast guesting. Some of you may not be ready to start a podcast of your own and you might want to try guesting instead. In fact, I believe this could be a good practice for you before you start your podcast. By doing this, you can learn more about podcasting yourself and gain some insight from other podcast hosts. 

Podcast Guesting


When you choose to be a guest on a podcast, you have to pitch your idea to other podcasts that accept guests. I highly recommend that you start by listening to a few of the podcast episodes from the podcast that you are interested in guesting on first. Never blindly pitch your podcast to a host without getting to know them and their podcast a little bit beforehand. You can always go to their website to see if they have information on how you can become a guest on their podcast or you can reach out to them via their contact form, but be sure their podcast accepts guests before reaching out to them.

I myself have had quite a few people inquire about guesting on my podcasts when I share on my website that my podcast is a solo podcast. I very rarely ask guests to join my podcast. Don’t make the mistake of reaching out to someone who does a solo podcast format. Do your research first.

You also want to make sure, when inquiring about guests on a podcast, that the topic you are interested in covering hasn’t recently been covered. Most podcast hosts are looking for new and unique content, so you will want to make sure that your topic is relevant to their podcast and that you can provide a different angle than topics that have been covered in the past. You will want to reach out to them personally. I know this can seem like a daunting task, but you want to be the one to personally fill out the note or the form and share the information. 

You can also use a program like Canva to create a one sheet that shares information about who you are., what you are interested in, what you’re about, your bio, and two or three topics that you like to talk about when you’re podcasting. This will help the podcast host decide if you’re a good fit for their podcast. You can also submit to them episodes of other podcasts that you have been a guest on. This will help them see your style, how you like to be interviewed, and what type of information you share.

You always, more than anything else, want to be able to share with them and show them that you can add value to their podcast. This is of the utmost importance. They need to know that they will gain something in return for allowing you to be a part of their podcast. Podcast hosts who have guest style podcasts are always looking for people willing to guest on their episodes. It isn’t really difficult to find shows that you can be a guest on. These types of podcasts are a win-win for you and the host. 

There are even groups on Facebook and websites that you can go to and find hosts that are looking for guests. You are able to use these threads to reach out to hosts, share about yourself,  the topics you would share on their podcast, etc. In my show notes today, I will share with you links to some of those websites and Facebook groups that will allow you another avenue for finding podcasts to be a guest on. 


Christian Podcast Guests Facebook Group

Spark Christian Podcast Community


Podcast guesting can be a great stepping stone to being able to become a podcast host yourself. I highly recommend it and I hope that this episode helped you understand how to start guesting on podcasts.



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