Today, we are starting a new series for the month of November. We are going to be talking about four programs or services that I am thankful for. Today, I am thankful for Canva.


Thankful for Canva

In the month of November, we all think of Thanksgiving. I wanted to relate Thanksgiving to my business by sharing programs and services that I use and that would be beneficial for you to use in your business. 


The first thing we will talk about is Canva. I had to put Canva first, for a number of reasons, but mainly for the fact that I use Canva every single day. Truth be told, I use a lot of these programs daily, but Canva is the most useful of all the programs that I use. Canva has heightened the value of my business more than any of the other programs that I will share with you.

Here are some of the reasons why Canva is so valuable to my business. Canva saves me a lot of time. If you were in business prior to the days of Canva and you had to make graphics for your business, you needed a graphic design degree, or you at least had to know programs that were much harder to use as well as more expensive. In the past, I used a program similar to Canva called Picmonkey. Picmonkey is still out there, but Canva can go above and beyond what Picmonkey offers. Canva saves me a ton of time and money.

Canva helps me create professional graphics, ebooks, and tools that I can use in my business. This helps me look more professional and like I know what I am doing, even when maybe I don’t. Canva makes me look better than I am at some things. I have created my podcast covers, and I have had more than one podcast. I rebranded this podcast almost six months ago. I created the logo for my company, “Alyssa Avant and Company,” using Canva. Canva has truly done wonders for my business. It has given me the ability to confidently create professional items for my business. 


Canva has allowed me to provide services that I could not otherwise provide. As a result of being able to use Canva, I provide services to my clients that allow them, in the same way it allows me, to have professional ebooks, workbooks, worksheets, logos, Facebook covers, group covers, and social media images. The possibilities are endless. The list could go on forever in reference to the different things that I have used Canva for to help my clients succeed in their businesses. As a result, I am able to provide services that I could not otherwise provide. Canva saves me time in creating these things as opposed to having to use a different program that doesn’t offer the same level of options in creation and ease of use. Canva gives me the ability to do things that I would not otherwise be able to accomplish. 


Canva is easy to use and easy to learn. I love that it gives me the ability to share and collaborate with my own team and with my clients. Recently, I started doing these “Email Marketing Done for You” packages. These packages provide for my client’s formatting of their lead magnet. A lot of times, these clients will have their own branding and logo already created. They can share that with me on Canva, and I am able to use that to enhance what they are putting together as a lead magnet. This allows me to put that together and use their branding and logo, and we are able to collaborate to create success together. Once I am finished, they can log in to their Canva account, and we can share the documents and projects and make any necessary changes together. Canva really helps create a conducive working environment for the projects that we are working on. It enables another level of professionalism, using the brand and tools that they have already established. It saves us time by not having to start from scratch. 


Canva gives you the ability to learn and use it with ease. It provides its own training. If you are curious about how to do something, they probably have a video about it. I encourage you to use the resources that Canva has to learn more, use it more, and make it a part of your business. Now, you can see all the reasons that I am thankful for Canva.



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