In today’s episode, I encourage you to Be Willing to Invest in Your Business and share with you five key reasons you should do so.  I also share with you about this upcoming Monday’s webinar – 3 Biggest Mistakes that Newbie Virtual Assistants Make – Sign up to join me at

Be Willing to Invest in Your Business

There are many things that we, as VAs, use that we may be able to use the “Free” version.  Some, we will never have to upgrade to the paid version.  However, there will be things that, do our tasks well, we may have to pay for.  There are also things that we can start out using the free version and upgrade later.  Don’t think of it as “just more money you have to put out” but as “I am investing in my business to continue to grow, move forward and succeed.”

5 reasons you should invest in your business

I am going to share with you 5 ways you can invest in your business (and I’m not talking about hundreds of dollars here y’all) to help your business continue to grow and thrive.

  1. Quality matters! We all want our businesses to be of the highest quality and, sometimes, in order to have that there will be some things we must invest in. It may be programs, software or business cards.  The list of possibilities is very lengthy.
  2. By investing in yourself you are making an investment that will also help to grow your business.  Things like coaching, mentoring, trainings, etc.  These things are helping you to learn which also helps your business to grow.  When you learn and grow, you bring new thoughts, ideas and ways of doing things into your business.
  3. Invest in the pieces of your business that will make it more professional.  For example, you want your own website on your own domain, logos, graphics, and pictures to name a few.  These are all things you can create yourself if you’d like.  However, just a quick tip, if you choose to create these things yourself, just make sure that they look professional and are of high quality.  By putting out high quality things and showing your professionalism, you are showing people how serious you are about your business.
  4.  To learn new skills.  The internet is forever changing at a rapid pace. As virtual assistants we will continuously need to learn new things.  For example, if there is something new that you are looking at and wanting to begin offering, sometimes you may need to take a bourse or get some books on the subject, in order to have the knowledge to be able to do the task/project well.
  5. Sometimes we don’ know what we don’t know.  The old saying says it best. “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Especially when you are starting out, it can be overwhelming.   Many of us don’t know what to offer or where to start.  We don’t know what all we have the ability to do or help people with.Invest a little at a time and take things step by step (remember baby steps y’all),  in no time at all you will see just how much you ourselves have grown as well as how much you have grown in our business.  See if that the program you wanted and couldn’t afford before is now running a special or you can find a coupon code.  Maybe you find another program or learning opportunity that is similar but it is also a better fit for you.

Always remember, knowledge is power.  I hope this post has helped you! This is why I think it is so important to Be Willing to Invest in Your Business.


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Be Willing to Invest in Your Business

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