In this post, I am answering some questions about the Christian Business Advantage Virtual Assistant Directory from the standpoint of if you are a Virtual Assistant and you are wanting to become a part of the Christian Business Advantage Directory.  I do this as I have explained before, but I want to explain in detail to be a part of the directory as a VA, you will need to do one of two things.

One is to be a graduate of the core of my course, which is the Become a VA course,  a part of my Virtual Assistant Academy. Or you can interview to be vetted as a Christian Business Advantage Virtual Assistant. And in order to do that, you pay a fee and you set up an interview. The first step is filling out a questionnaire and telling me about your experience as a virtual assistant.

Then we will hop on a Zoom call and I will interview you about your experience and just get to know you as a person. And finally, you will give me two references of people that you have worked with as a virtual assistant. So, two clients that would vouch for you, they would recommend you as a virtual assistant. And so through that process, I will vet you as a VA and you will hopefully be invited to join the Christian Business Advantage Virtual Assistant Directory.


Now, this weekend I received an email from a lady who wanted to know:

What happens if you do not choose to vet me as a virtual assistant?  Do I lose the money I invested or how does that work?

The process is more you can apply the amount that you paid to be vetted. your application fee,  can be applied to the course and you can take the course, and that way you will be vetted in that way.  You will be vetted because you will have completed the Become a Virtual Assistant course or you can choose not to do anything.

But of course, your fee still applies because of the work that I must do in order to vet you still had to be done. So you can either choose to apply that money to the course and utilize that and pay the difference, or you can choose not to.

And then another question about it was:

Does the amount of money that I’ve paid to be vetted, does that include a listing in the directory?

And so yes, the vetting fee does include a 90 day listing in the directory. And then at the end of those 90 days, you can either choose to renew or you can cancel your listing, whichever you decide to do.

And the other piece that I wanted to make sure that you understand is that not only do you get a listing in the Christian Business Advantage, but you also get access to our private Facebook group for Christian Business Advantage VAs where we network, we fellowship and we learn together.  Each month I do a mini-training each month on the topic chosen by the virtual assistants in the group.  You also will have access to all of the previous months because I have been doing pieces of training there since January.

So there is a training for January, February, March, and April in there thus far.

So I just wanted to let you know of those additional features or a part of the benefits of the Christian Business Advantage. 

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