If there is any one piece of your business that I would encourage you to spend time on it would be systems.  Having systems in your business is the one area of your business that will save you both time and money and help you to keep the clients that you have gained. Systems can be set up once and can pay off again and again. In other words, the time that you spend setting up systems will have a high return on your investment.


What are Systems?

Systems are a method or way of getting things done. Systems layout step-by-step for you and others how you will do things.

Systems include templates, checklists, flowcharts, visuals, and step-by-step directions.  Essentially they are a blueprint for how to do nearly every aspect of your business. 

You want to have a system for every area of your business including:

  •       marketing
  •       scheduling
  •       client leads
  •       client intake 
  •       project management
  •       password protection  
  •       client relations
  •       time tracking
  •       document sharing

In my virtual assistant business, I have several systems. These include:

  •       Client Intake System
  •       Policies and Procedures
  •       Payment Intake System
  •       Income and Expense Tracking System
  •       Tasks and Procedures
  •       Client Relation Procedures
  •       Marketing Strategies

These are all systems or procedures that help my business to run smoothly. Without them, I know that it would fall apart quickly.

Not only do these systems help me, but they also play an important role in my relationships with my clients. 

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