A Complete Guide to Reels




Instagram reels are the NUMBER ONE way to reach the people on this platform who need to see your message.

I’ve worked in online marketing for 15+ years and know the power of short, impactful videos. Attention spans are getting shorter and Instagram reels – done right – can drive people to action!

The Complete Guide to Reels is packed with valuable information to help you make sales! You will learn:

  • The type of content to use in your reels
  • Difference between saveable and shareable content
  • How to identify your ideal follower
  • Effective on-screen and in-caption hooks
  • Calls to Action and your signature message at the end of your reels
  • Tips for splits, transitions and cover photos
  • Easy b-roll and talking head footage

You will also receive:

  • A Reels Checklist to help you nail the important elements
  • 110 Hook ideas to make your reels stand out
  • 43 CTA ideas to add variety and engagement


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