Today I’m answering questions, as promised, about the Christian Business Advantage Virtual Assistant Directory.

I will be speaking from the standpoint of  a business owner, a Christian business owner, or a ministry leader or blogger who is wanting to work with and/or find a virtual assistant. I hope this post on How the CBA Virtual Assistant Directory Works for Business Owners will be a great help in helping you to understand how it is set up and how it can help you in your business.

How the CBA Virtual Assistant Directory Works for the Business Owner

There are two options for you:

The first option is the option that I started this directory with, which is the Matchmaking service. So you would fill out a questionnaire about the type of virtual assistant that you were looking for, the qualifications that you need, maybe some of the programs or software that you need them to be proficient in. And then I would help you find that VA you are looking for by interviewing the virtual assistants that are in my directory, and match you to the perfect virtual assistant for you.

So basically, I would go through the qualifications and find VAs that are qualified and make sure that they’re a perfect match. And I give you two options to pick from.  I’d give you two VA’s to choose from and then you would choose your virtual assistant from those two. Everything from that point forward will be between you and that virtual assistant. They will tell you their hourly rate. If they choose, they will send you a service agreement or a contract, specifying the terms the two of you discussed. They will tell you how they like to be paid. All of those specifics are between you and the virtual assistant themselves.

I am not an agency. My business is as a directory and matchmaking service. So, once you have been matched things will be turned over to you and the virtual assistant to finish the discussion.

The second option is the newest option that launched Tuesday, May 5, 2020.  And that is that you can pay for limited-time access to the Virtual Assistant Directory. You would have access to the directory for 30 days and that would give you time to choose from a pool of vetted virtual assistants. This means that you would choose from those that I’ve either trained or vetted through the process that I have for doing that. And you would be able to look through the vetted VAs and their qualifications, how long they’ve been a VA,  you can check their references then you would be able to message them through our system. The message is basically like a contact form. You would fill out the form and it would send the message to them and then they would contact you back.

Again, all of the onboarding and the working with the VA are between you and the virtual assistant once you contact them and the two of you reach an agreement. After you have the initial contact, I will no longer be in that process.  If there are additional questions then please let me know. Each of the services that I provide has specific terms and conditions that apply.


I hope that this post on How the CBA Virtual Assistant Directory Works for Business Owners has helped you. And please, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I am more than happy to help in any way that I can!

Virtual Assistant Matchmaking & Directory Terms and Conditions

If you are unsure about hiring a Virtual Assistant or you’re not sure where to start grab our free guide Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant. 

How the CBA Virtual Assistant Directory Works for Business Owners


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