As a virtual assistant, having the proper tools and programs to run a business can be hard and often pretty pricey at times, but it doesn’t have to be.  These Best Free Programs for Virtual Assistants are a great way to get started.

Best Free Programs for Virtual Assistants


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In this episode, we talk about the best free programs for virtual assistants. I will be sharing my Top 4 favorite programs that I use every day and recommend to you no matter what your business focuses on. I share some of the best features and uses for each program.

These Best Free Programs for Virtual Assistants are great!  If you are kind of worried about starting your VA business do not let start up capital deter your.  These apps/programs are great to start with and you can use the free versions an, if you want, upgrade to paid versions later on once your business has grown.

#1:  Asana – Project Management System – Paid & Free Versions – I personally use the free version and have for a number of years.

#2:  Google Drive – Store & Share Content – Paid & Free Versions – I use the paid version because it gives me more space.  You can easily share images, files, music, audio, spreadsheets, and more.

#3:  Canva – Graphic software – Paid & Free Versions – I use the paid version here again but for a very specific reason. I share more about this on today’s podcast.  The paid version runs $12.99 and is worth every penny!

#4: AcuityScheduling – Scheduling Program – Paid & Free Versions – I use the paid version here because I have a need for multiple calendars.


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Best Free Programs for Virtual Assistants

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