You want more and you wish that there was a way to make additional income.  

You can stop working nights and weekends and be more flexible in your business.

Experience More Freedom

After being in business for 13 years I am well aware of the limitations that being a Virtual Assistant can bring as well as the overwhelm that it can often bring us.  

You can have more and you can make more income.  You can stop working nights and weekends and experience more time freedom.  

Break Out of the Box 

Over the past few years I wanted this to be true for me, so I hired several business coaches to help me see the possibilities of what could be.  Each one helped me gain a little more traction in the right direction.  

That is why I realize the value of coaching and want to offer you the same thing.  I offer this VIP Intensive exclusively to you, the virtual assistant who wants to break out of the box that your business has forced you into and be able to grow your business and pursue additional income streams.  

With your 1:1 VIP Intensive, you'll receive high touch and detailed insights into your business.

You'll be given prep work to do before we meet [via Zoom video] and then we'll dive deep into your business so you can move forward with more confidence, in your services, marketing and sales.  

We will access and optimize how you are positioning yourself to reach YOUR ideal client and ensure that everything you are offering is something you ENJOY doing!
We will brainstorm potential additional income streams that best compliment your specific gifts and lifestyle and develop a plan to help you move forward in them so you can free up more of your time.  
We will fine-tune your messaging and marketing to be sure that you are clearly communicating your offer to the right people so that you can increase your sales and income while working with clients you adore!
These are just a few of the options that you can choose form for your VIP Intensive topcs. It can be customized so you get as many of your burning questions answered as possible.  

Here is how the process works: 

This will be a fast-paced VIP session, geared to help you get your questions answered and have some quick wins in your business.  It will be 90 Minutes long.

Before our time together, I will send you a VIP Intensive Welcome Packet so that I can gather background on your specific business challenges and goals so that we can make the most of our time together on the actual coaching session.  

We'll engage in your session during which you'll gain clarity around the area of your business you choose to focus n whether that be - finding your ideal clients, adding revenue streams to your business, working on your messaging, etc. 

You can choose to have me record your session so that you can stay full engaged.  I'll send you the replay and you can come back later to rewatch the session and take notes.  

You'll have private email access to me for ONE WEEK following your intensive, to have accountability and personalized feedback on anything that comes up for you as you implement the strategies I give. 

Are you ready to develop a plan to take the next step in your service based business? 

Don't take my word for it.

Regan Urquhart 

"I have taken one of Alyssa's courses and now I have participated in a coaching call with her and found both very beneficial.  Alyssa is knowledgable and able to communicate her knowledge in a way that I can understand and apply to my business.  She has helped me move past several areas where I felt stuck!"

Merri Dennis

"I needed clarification and guidance for my new business. I reached out to Alyssa for a coaching session hoping to get some direction. She had a complete and thourough questionnaire about my history and my goals.  With my answers and her wealth of experience, Alyssa provided a solid list of next steps to propel my business forward.  I highly recommend her services."  

Let's Discuss Your 1:1 VIP Intensive Today

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