Trusted Resources I Recommend

ActiveCampaign is my go-to email marketing program.  If you've ever used other programs which charge you per subscriber even if it's the same person on two different lists that you offer, then you'll love AC because it does NOT do this.  Also, AC allows you to create autoresponders and track link clicks. It is a powerful program

Dropbox is one of my all-time favorite tools.  It is definitely one of the tools that I have utilized the longest.  Dropbox allows me to house files on another server, (in the cloud), so to speak and be able to access them from anywhere.  It also allows me to allow my clients to share files with me without having to search through the millions of emails that I receive to find that specific email where they attached the file I need to complete their project.  For me, it is a lifesaver and a great way to back up my files, websites, photos, and more!

Creative Market is a relatively new site that I have started using for design elements when working on client websites and other similar projects.  It is a great place to purchase and even get free design elements such as fonts, background images, stock images, and more!  It is reasonably priced and has so many beautiful options that are amazing.

StudioPress themes are the way to go if you want a professional looking WordPress website with plenty of options.  I have been using StudioPress themes for years and love the Genesis framework and its many child themes to choose from as well.  StudioPress also has an awesome help forum and customer service if you ever run into issues.