If you are a Christian Blogger, Ministry Leader, or Business Owner, who prefers to work with a Virtual Assistant who shares your faith and believes that faith and business go hand in hand in their own life and business then you've come to the RIGHT place!

The Christian Business Advantage
Matchmaking Service

How It Works

Choose from two options:  
Virtual Assistant Matchmaking or
Choose Your Own VA Via Our Directory

Option I

Virtual Assistant Matchmaking





30 - Minute Match Consultation Guaranteed Match within 14 Days


    * Schedule your 30-Minute Match Consultation with Alyssa so she can learn more about your business.  Alyssa does Matching Consults on Tuesdays & Thursdays each week.  

    * Be prepared to share with me the software you use and the work you are looking to outsource, the more specific, the better!


    * Alyssa will quickly match (within 7-10 business days) you with the right professional to join your virtual team.

    * You will get two virtual assistants to choose from that best match your needs.

    * You will then be given the opportunity to meet your MATCH so that you can discuss the terms of your work.


    * Hire your match and watch your business bloom. 

    * Alyssa does not participate in negotiations, hiring, invoicing payments, etc.  We are not an agency.

Option II

Virtual Assistant Directory



30 Day Access 


Now Accepting Requests for Proposals
with a 7-Day Turnaround
Submit an RFP and receive proposals from our pool of high-quality Virtual Assistants

***You may only submit 1 RFP per $27 Payment

Not sure about hiring a Virtual Assistant? 

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“I’ve worked with virtual assistants in the past and have a proven process for picking the best ones for the job however this process can be time consuming. I’m grateful for Alyssa because she basically cut out 90% of this process and was able to match me with a fabulous assistant. I’m happy to have found a talented assistant who meets my needs, where we can have a long term relationship and grow our businesses together.” 

Aprille Reed

Couldn't Be More Pleased

Alyssa knocked it outta the park in finding me the perfect virtual assistant. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Athena Dean Holtz
publisher, author, speaker and podcaster

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